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It Lives Again! (THE PHOENIX)

By: David 08/16/2019

When I had the motor installed I went ahead and added new 4" lift leaf springs and RS9000xl adjustable shocks since it was on the lift anyways. The old Downey 3" springs were pretty shot and I didn't realize how shot until the new ones were on, it raised the truck about 2.5" higher than before lol.


I also changed out every single light thoughout the truck to LEDs, much brighter and a fresh look, also the stock Alternator only makes about 35Amps so it needed all the help it could get. I had to change out the relay for the lights to a special relay because the original one thought the lights were burned out due to the low amp draw.



I'm trying to get a feel for the Articulation and see where the tires will rub because I have plans for little bigger tires. :-)


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