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Bed Wood

By: Andrew 08/19/2019

Wood that was used for the bed was salvaged oak from an old barn that a tree decided to destroy. Planed the best planks for floor and used some of the wood to make the rub strips. Polished stainless was used to hold it all together. Stained the rub strips darker for contrast.2718E0B6-D520-4730-85E6-569435D3BA91.JPG2BF30BB2-20FE-4CEC-9F58-86950855AECA.JPGFFB2AD9A-EECF-46F5-891B-50C53C9C10BB.JPG662A45FD-9DC3-4479-8790-593ECCA39328.JPG5206E4F4-8B9E-47F3-8EF3-5F58CE6C2A2E.JPG7F60FB09-63DE-4BAC-B5EB-4A2BCE684BA2.JPG984CDE0A-2466-4133-A1CC-08237E3FFCE3.JPG

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