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Console construction

By: Andrew 08/20/2019

I used a set of powered bucket seats out a Chrysler 300 and wanted a custom console between them. Used poster board to get the general shape I wanted and transferred my pattern to some thin plywood. I stretched fleece over the plywood and coated it with polyester resin. I reinforced it with a layer of fiberglass mat and finally smoothed it out with body filler. The shifter that I used was out of a dodge. The wood below the shifter is cherry that matches the wood used in the instrument panel. 901286C6-6077-4C49-BF18-BE08C857C4A0.JPG74A7AC45-350C-4F7A-A2F3-6B1F4A33345B.JPG4EA3159A-4097-442B-B3F5-E2B47D8AFBAF.JPG3DF1F693-2A51-4F88-8457-3238B1C9E6FD.JPG025EA9A1-D740-4449-9839-9BCC31E6C265.JPG152B4A1D-5126-4A8B-BD16-5B55E3A227F1.JPG263CC54E-3A99-44ED-B910-AD70CF2FBC43.JPGE4916B39-6B0D-421A-A348-FBBE7A773192.JPGA848FC50-F5D9-4BF5-8B49-82E06A0BD647.JPG58345323-1941-4885-834D-853C3768AB60.JPG

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