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Exhaust System

By: Andrew 08/20/2019

Using patriot headers, I ordered a box of various mandrel bend exhaust pipe and spent a lot of time on a creeper laying out the exhaust system. Mufflers are Flowmaster 40 which I now think is a little loud for side exit exhaust.3B4ADA99-6F31-4F51-9627-B48AE0005162.JPG4A8302D4-EFD6-4080-8DF9-5D9FC882FE7E.JPG7F86A1CA-4F58-453A-914A-0B8CA9A84E15.JPG9BB0572F-AA15-4453-A5AB-B48FDE08B4A2.JPGBE8FD694-BF8D-4187-B37F-1A722C2C7556.JPG92935ADB-C476-4579-8C3D-4BD78A7C37D5.JPG00F50122-54ED-4323-AB93-19DDC1752034.JPG8AF44C35-2D80-45B5-86F2-813AAEB678B6.JPG

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