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Fuel System

By: Randy 08/25/2019

When I first started with fuel injection I used an external pump and regulator in the front with a return line. But I keep having problems with the pumps getting hot and then the fuel would boil in the lines. I was picking up a lot of under hood heat and bringing it back the the fuel tank. I tried 3 different external pumps. I was also using a weld on sump which would uncover the pickup if the fuel got too low. I solved these problems by putting a fuel basket from a 99 to 02 F body. I got myself a new tank, then an adapter plate from Corvette Works. A little cutting and welding and the tank was ready for the fuel basket. This basket has a regulator built into it, so I only run a single fuel line to the front.CD6363A0-01F8-4E18-8129-D218A64A6977.JPG421989B5-6F4F-4DD6-8BBE-2B134DE59987.JPG7BD02853-C33A-4130-B3ED-EFA50D6F287D.JPG46DD276E-2D61-4594-97F8-321FA1BF7465.JPG29214659-4DF6-4BCC-A4A9-EDECF7B8A5A3.JPG6AD5F72E-0A15-4A29-86AD-7F29B7263CFA.JPG

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