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The paint

By: Randy 08/25/2019

I bought the car back in 1999. I got it off my brother, he started to restore it and then lost interest when he found a 1972 TA 455HO. So I stepped in and got it real cheap. He already had it taken apart and had under carriage cleaned, blasted, epoxy primed and painted. I didn't like the black he used so I repainted the under carriage. The garage I was in at the time had an overhead crane. since there was nothing but the shell sitting there, I put the rear bumper bracing on, hocked the chain to it and lifted it up. I stood it on the front from rails. Then I could comfortably paint the bottom. Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough at the time to get some pictures of it standing up. The one mistake I made was not tinting the primer black.DB18A3BB-8164-4173-8461-EF5602E8FFBE.JPG3C65ABBB-5BE1-491A-B36F-594BBD362639.jpg146A3538-7F4D-4F80-81C7-2EE32404B26D.jpg75FFB4BB-E84E-4126-A856-5AFE9F2AB833.jpg

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