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By: Jeff 06/17/2019

Jeff Teel bought his '95 Supra almost on a whim from a Craigslist ad from someone in Knoxville, Tenn. "I always liked the Supra body style, and I was just browsing the Internet one night and saw it," he said. "It was exactly what I wanted, and the price was too good to turn down." The car had basic bolt-ons when he bought it, including a ram air intake and Tein lowering springs. 


The naturally aspirated Supra served as his daily driver for about five years until he switched to a secondgeneration '08 Cadillac CTS ("not a CTS-V, unfortunately," he joked) last summer to prepare for the massive overhaul he has planned. He's in the process of upgrading to a turbocharged combination with a Precision Turbo 6266 setup.  


Prior to turbocharging the factory straight six, Teel upgraded the car's engine-management system to Holley Dominator EFI, a 450 LPH fuel pump, Holley Smart Coils, and Earl's fittings. The car runs almost perfectly on Holley EFI at this point. The turbocharged setup will have Holley injectors and a Holley pressure regulator and fuel filter. "It's going to make a lot more power – about 700, I'm hoping," Teel said. "It'll still be easy to manage, just something with a lot more power. I want to keep it manageable and not break it, but the transmission and rear end I'm eventually going to install should be enough to hold the power because once you start adding power, you don't stop, do you?" 


Teel, 33, a lifelong resident of Bowling Green, Ky., has worked in customer service and sales for his entire career, including the past three years at Holley. He recently transitioned to Holley's marketing department, where he serves as the Events and PR Coordinator, working with the media and laying the groundwork for such events as LS Fest, SEMA and the Holley Hot Rod Reunion. "I liked working with customers on the tech line – people want information, and I liked helping them – but I'm really looking forward to this new role," he said. "I've already worked a lot of events, doing exactly the kind of things this job requires," so it should be fun."

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