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Found it on Corral.

By: Colin 06/17/2019


Purchased in April 2014 off of, out of Georgia. The advertisement claimed the engine was a built 306 with TFS 170 heads and a Astro Performance T5 Trans. Years later, I confirmed the truth of this, the engine contained Scat rods, and Ross pistons. Within a week of owning the car, I installed a Holley HP EFI system, removing the junk for A9L ECU. Daily driving a 306 SBF quickly became quite boring, thankfully forced induction was only a weekend of wrenching away! In 2015 I added a Turbonetics 61mm turbo to the mix. That combo produced 440/470 on 7psi @ 21 degrees of timing. Knowing I was nearing the limits of the stock SBF block, I made the decision to pull that power plant out in exchange for a more modern/reliable air pump. The LS.


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