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Amped up

By: Randy 08/29/2019

With all the electronics I added to the car I needed a lot more amps from my alternator. The stock 38 amp GM SI 10 would just not be enough. I decided to use a GM AD244. Even though these are great alternators, they are not all created equal. They have 2 fans in them to keep them cool. But on some models, the one fan is plastic. The first alternator I bought had the plastic fan in it. But I didn't know about this weak link until the fan broke up and destroyed the alternator. I ended up finding an alternator off an early 2000's GM pickup. Both fans in it were metal and it was rated for 140 amp. I put a smaller pulley on it to drive it a little faster at idle. With everything turned on it can put out over 100 amps at idle.3B059A88-A164-4E0E-A810-01B8E0A02337.jpg EE90A418-7014-4DAF-850F-D4D87DFE896F.jpg

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