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By: Randy 09/05/2019

I've got as much pre-wiring done as I can. I was working on the out put harness that will go to the engine bay. It powers the rad fans, AC fans, AC pump, trans cooler fan, vac pump, shift light, coils, injectors, etc. Now I need to take the seats and carpet out of the car so I can get it ready to put the new harness in.3A028F2F-C0F6-414C-BA4E-1D46BD4303A8.jpg01DAB408-762F-4AC4-8FE0-6A72B1114338.jpg8B24932B-7615-4828-BEF7-A8671C04C425.jpg4CE9A1AC-3533-4326-B4CF-D2A61A9D7E54.jpg

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