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Single Turbo Swap

By: Jeff 06/18/2019

Project White lightning. Likely the first ever Holley Dominator EFI street swapped import on the road.

2JZge motor running a PT6266.

Currently sprung for 15lbs of boost making between 430 to 450 wheel horse power.

83Lb/hr injectors and smart coils being controlled by the Dominator.

I have also added a multi map selector switch for quick map tune changes.

This was a 10:1 motor. Lifted the head. Currently in the process of ARP studs and a thicker head gasket.

Build will be a dedicated street drive car. Just looking to have a daily fun commute. B9B9D435-9BB1-436A-9427-98680656862E.jpg26676CDE-F5B3-444A-AA60-8CC9A5605591.jpg05145336-10C5-44A9-9C95-9587297EB7CB.jpg7FE01D51-F5AF-46A7-B1E2-29D21D9C6D16.jpgD6EE0E85-AF8A-40A9-B96B-D28EA02C95EC.jpg4ED7130B-2D80-4901-B0BF-52C6B7A3FFD1.jpg

Completed Modifications

Engine/Drivetrain (3)
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