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More Fans

By: David 09/19/2019

The new Radiator is so thick now the fan has a hard time pulling air through it at low speed or stopped. So I bought two 5.2" Spal Pusher fans to squeeze in front of the AC radiator (which is in front of the Main Radiator) to help push the air through the thickest area of the cooling system and see if that helped at all.



Another close fit


I connected them to the Fan #2 output of the Holley Sniper wiring harness so I could have them come on separately at what ever temp I wanted them to.


Well that did help, but not enough. I slept on it for a couple weeks and then decided to get two more 5.2" Puller fans. My plan was to move the Main Fan up as tight as I could to the top of the Radiator and squeeze in the two fans at the bottom of the Radiator. I had to add some extra holes on the nice new fan bracket and notch it around a bung. I had to do some notching on the Main Fan surround and the small fan surrounds as well but was able to barely make them fit.






I also decided to move the Front Fans in towards the center a bit, and also move the Power Steering Radiator out from in front of the Main Radiator and off to the side, just to keep as much heat from going into the Main Radiator as possible.



And that all finally did the trick!!! I was able to keep the truck cool at speed and stop!! Oh yeah but one other thing, I'm pulling so many amps now my 100amp Alternator is struggling at idle to even keep 12V, soooooo I got a 150amp Alt that spec'd at 107amps at idle and that worked as well :-) Sitting at 13.5V at idle now.

They look pretty identical but the connecting bolt is definitely bigger


And the pulley looks deeper, but I guess it's what's in the inside that counts (at least that's what my Mama always use to tell me :-)


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