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Spare harness

By: Randy 09/29/2019

I had some things left over after making the new harness that I used to move the ECU to the trunk. Like, the ECU plug (J1A, J1B) end of the used LS1 harness I cut up, an old Commander 950 harness, used GM coils and GM coil harness. So I built another harness, so I can start the new LS engine before I put it in the car. I am not going to spend a lot of time putting loom on this harness, it doesn't have to look pretty, it only has to work.2677D498-7F1C-4F65-AA41-B380D9D35CF8.jpg59071618-6B53-4F1A-B082-F827841E44D1.jpg1D110279-F563-4717-A511-E40F5EAB36AC.jpgA615A763-509B-4EDE-A7E0-BA85D43ACC90.jpg

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