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Startup Harness

By: Randy 09/30/2019

I finished the harness that I am going to use to start the LS engine. I put clips on it for the positive and negative battery posts. It has the fuel pump wired into it and an on/off switch. All I would need to do is put power to the starter, open my trunk, unplug the J1A and J1B plugs and plug these in. I also had a little of that plastic loom laying around so I put it on to clean it up a little.54D57901-A92B-4CB8-AB6A-FC936E3DBD85.jpg80354A8F-C895-4A5C-8723-6AF0C3B63E2B.jpg5064525D-EC5E-4070-B776-C183207CDCB2.jpg

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