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LS Heads

By: Randy 10/05/2019

I got the LS3 based heads from a place in BC, Canada. I bought them bare. They have Comp Cams valves, springs, titanium retainers and spring seats. They have a strong intake to exhaust ratio, 80%, so I went with a single pattern cam. It is a little on the small side, because I do a lot of cruising (5000 miles a summer) in the 1800 to 1900 rpm range and I want to get some decent fuel economy.E8F62399-9E94-4EC6-89EF-FF64BB218C98.jpg0E49192F-7FC9-4081-A8EB-1CFD18FAF7A0.jpg1BB63FDF-2948-4CDF-B020-8540AB4C8710.jpg84EC6B0C-4115-411F-8262-E24EACE8BA3F.jpg

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