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Chopping the top.

By: Andrew 10/18/2019

Unfortunately, I failed to take a lot of pictures when I chopped the top on my truck. Again if the truck had been in better shape I probably wouldn't have chopped it. I initially cut it 5 1/2", when We set the top back on to see how the chop looked I decided it needed a little more.I had used 3/4" tape for my cut layout so I just cut to the other side of the tape which gave me a chop of 6 1/4". I cut the top into quarters and welded the A and B posts back in place. I cut the center section of the roof out, and welded in a solid skin taken from the roof of a Plymouth wagon. I did the chop back in 1987, and I had a video recording of the steps in chopping the top, but that vcr tape is yet to be located.

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