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Life's a journey through unexplored territories

By: Mike 11/09/2019

Not knowing much about cars at all during my teens I was spending days studying and taking care of our families horses, only occasionaly catch a glimpse of a 50's or 60's hot rod or muscle car in magazines and at rare occasions IRL.

It struck a chord in me everytime I was exposed to an american made car and eventually it grew into a wish for owning one myself. Not having a drivers license until the age of 22, it long seem to be an unattendable goal. At the age of 25 I befriended a guy that owned a 69 Chevy Nova, fully customized by 70*s standards and a full custom paint with a wild west theme. Horses, indians, cactuses and the whole lot !

He decided to sell the car and he made me an offer I could afford. Said and done, I was now a proud owner of my own V8 powered 60's musclecar. I was in heaven!

Still with no clue about the mechanic workings of a car...except how to turn the key, drive and fill up the gastank !

To be continued.

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