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1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Base LS Swap


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  • Color: Black
  • Horsepower: 1250
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    ENGINE: Homebuilt Chevy LM7. Bored and stroked to 383 cu.i. Flex-fuel, runs mainly on E85. Eagle speciality products rotating parts, Mahle pistons. Comp Cams turbo camshaft. Studs and bolts ARP 2000. Original heads; cc´d, ported and larger valves are installed. Valves made of Inconel. Comp Cams springs, Comp Cams Ultra Gold rockers , Brian Tooley link-bar lifters. Cometic MLS headgaskets. HV Melling oilpump, original oil pan with lots of mods (kickouts at both sides). Lingenfelter oil cooler adapter. Canton engine oil cooler with thermostat and cooling fan. Canton accusump with electric valve. Original LM7 intake manifold with drive-by-wire throttlebody. ITG airfilters. Mototron ignition coils. Powermaster High torque starter. Modified twin Holset Super HX40 turbos. Turbonetics New Gen wastegates. GFB blow-off valves and intercooler. Boost pressure adjustable with a knob located by gearshifter. Thus far from 12-19 psi. Oil catch tank on each turbo and Tilton oilpump for oilreturn to the oil pan. Canton after-turbo-oil cooler. Homemade exhaust manifolds and downpipes. Spal cooling fan behind the aluminium radiator. Meziere 55 gallon electric waterpump. Powermaster 225 A alternator. 23 gallon stainless steel fueltank, Radium Engineering fuel level sender, dual SX-Performance fuelpumps, four fuel filters, Kenne-Belle "Boost-A-Pump", stainless steel surgetank and nitrous oxide system. Fuel lines under car and fuelrails made of stainless steel, with short flexible hoses at ends. TRANSMISSION: TH400 with manual valvebody and reversed shiftpattern. B&M Pro shifter. Gear Vendors under/overdrive (pro mod). ' Custom built converter. Billet yoke. Oil cooler with electric cooling fan. REAREND: Autotech "Wavetrac" differential, 35 splines. Gearing 3.08:1. Moser fullfloater, 45 spline hubs. Special manufactured axles made out of an alloy from Uddeholm Steel. The housing and the axletubes are originally a Chevy 12 bolt. Widened about one inch. Tilton oil pump to circulate the oil through a Setrab oil cooler with a electric cooling fan. Driveshaft out of steel, manufactured to withstand +2000 hp. CHASSIE: 10 point rollcage, frameconnectors, swaybars, panhardbar, four-link equal length bars of chrome moly and coil-overs at all four corners. All bushings made of Delrin. Brakes by Willwood. 6 pistons up front and 4 pistons in rear. Floor mounted brakecylinders and pedal by OBP. Brake ducts for cooling front brakes. Hydraulic handbrake. Adjustable brake balance by knob, reachable with left hand while seated. Upper tubular arms by DSE. Rack and pinion from Unisteer. Modified original lower control arms. Relocated upper control arms. Adjustable steering spindles for less bumpsteer. Dampers by GAZ in front and by Koni in rear. BMW wheels made by ASA. 19" front and 20" rear. Tires are Dunlop Sport Maxx Race. TPMS - display in drivers compartment. Tire temperature cameras at all four corners. Temperatures are displayed on the dash. HALL-sensors at all four wheels. Traction-control adjustable with a knob located by the gearshifter. Four potentiometers records changes in weightdistribution during driving. BODY: Front,doors and trunklid are homemade of fiberglass. Rear quarterpanels has been stretched and widened about 1". Original Camaro rear spoiler. Gas filler cap from Dodge Ram pickup. Mufflers by "Vibrant"are connected to the sidepipes right in front of each door. Rear view mirrors from 1982 Camaro. Shaved doorhandles. Remote control solenoids operate the doors. INTERIOR: All gauges, buttons, switches and are removed. A dash display is installed and a complete can-bus routes through the entire car. A 12 button can-bus panel is mounted right above the rearview mirror, for turn signal, hazard, horn and also a few switches to manually override the ECU if neccesary. Things like pumps and fans that is. Normal function is that everything is temperature monitored and operated by the ECU. Built-in safe modes for temperatures, pressures, boost, air-fuel ratios and so on. G-meter and gyro ; cuts all the power at excessive g-forces or a roll- over. No traditional fuses and relays. Everything is powered by two Power Management Units, fully programmable with a PC " Sparco Evo 2" seats and 6-point harnesses. For added safety, an electronically controlled fire supression system from "OMP", with nozzles in the driver compartment and in the engine bay. An additional mechanical operated fire supression system is mounted, with nozzles behind the seats and in the trunk, surrounding the fuelcell. Remote control main battery switch.

    Future Plans

    A trip to Nürburgring is coming up.

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