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How I came to build this Z06

By: mjdart 11/12/2019

I decided to order a 2017 Z06 Coupe in the spring of 2017. I also would order RPOs PD5 & PBC which would allow me to hand build the LT4 supercharged engine and the walk along with my Corvette while it was being assembled. I contacted a well-known Kerbeck Corvette and sent salesman Sam Kelly my build. He told me they could offer a 12% discount off MSRP, I placed the order.

The Corvette Museum contacted me and offered 4/25/17 as a date to arrive at Bowling Green and build my engine. What an experience, I was ushered into a private room in the Bowling Green Factory and was greeted by Kai Spande the Bowling Green Plant Manager.

While I hand assembled the engine under the watchful eye a Sarah Watkins, 733 photographs were taken by Corvette Museum representative Al Hurbutt, my private guide and photographer. We finally rolled my completed engine into a test stand and I watched and listened and my engine roared to life. Then over the next 3 days, I followed along as my extremely loaded build as the trim manager stated, “I checked almost all the boxes”, ($118K) Z06 was skillfully hand assembled by the Corvette team, Plant Manager Kai Spande actually came out into the assembly area looking to find me and my Z06 as it was assembled.

My beautiful Long Beach Red with Kalahari Z06 reached the end of the line, I climbed in and pushed the start button and she fired up sounding so good. It turns out according to the museum that only 20 Z06 Coupes were assembled with the Engine Build Experience and Buyers Tour.

Now some interesting details about my purchase. I had specked out the J57 Carbon Ceramic brakeson my order, and during production in April '17 the factory had a shortage of the regular brake rotors, so they offered a $5K rebate to buyers selecting Carbon Ceramic Brakes, which then paid for my engine build. I also own a fully original 64’ Sting Ray Coupe which also garnered me another $2K rebate for owner loyalty and my GM Credit card had $551 credit I applied which paid for my buyers’ tour!

The Z06 has a extremely good build quality and the paint is perfect. To protect that beauty, I had the whole car wrapped in protective SunTek film when it arrived in Florida.

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