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88 Cutlass LS Turbo

By: JB 12/23/2019

I don’t want to submit a novel with all the details so here’s a short history of my build.

I purchased this car in February 2016 out of South Carolina from the second owner in relatively stock form with 71k original miles. The car arrived on the transporter and I drove it home and started the transformation.

Over the next year, chipped away on the car for 2-3 hours until the LS swap was completed. after I had the car fully running and driving, I began the body work and painted it in May 2017

My initial goal was to build a LS powered Turbo G-Body with Heat, A/C, power steering etc.... I could drive to the track, run 10.50’s then drive home.

It’s a great car and I drive it all the time.

Thanks for checking out my garage.

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