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In the beginning

By: Jeremy 01/31/2020

To say I am emotionally attached to this car is an understatement... My parents surprised me with my Zephyr on Christmas morning in 1993. Granted it looked nothing like it does today, but it was a good start.

Originally this was a black, bucket seat, V8 car which I decided to stick with. I was able to pick up a roller cam 302 HO motor to replace the knocking worn out 302 that was resting under the hood. With a good motor secured, I started looking for a C4 trans to deliver the power to the 8.8 posi rearend. Once the drive train was all installed, the car was off to the paint shop.

I was able to drive this car throughout high school attending shows on the weekends. One particular car show weekend I stumbled across a 6-71 blower set up for a 351W. Ever since I can remember I wanted a big shiny blower poking through the hood. So I got the brilliant idea that while I was going to replace the 302 with a 351W I may as well back-half the car. Like so many projects we got a great start on the build, then life happened. The car sat for about 10 years before I was able to finally finish it up.

I know people say the pro-street movement went out with Regan, but I have always been drawn to fat tire cars and I am so glad I decided to go that route. It runs and drives like a top and see's a ton of miles during the Michigan summers.

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