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1973 Vega VEGABOND

By: Sandro 04/09/2020

A bit of info on the 1973 Vega. It was a turned into a Drag car in 1976 (ran high 8`s in the 1/4 mile)by the original owner and was upgraded 3 times before it was converted to a Pro street. In 2013 when I bought the Vega we did further modifications to make it street/strip legal(ran 10.20`s in street trim). Originally I said I would only paint the car and then one thing lead to another and out came VEGABOND 3 years later.. Below is just a few of the modifications that we did to the Vega. Also Check out Scottie TV video shot in Columbus Ohio Good-Guys show

Owner: Sandro Covello Caledon, Ontario, Canada

Design by Covello Brothers

Built by Hot nights Hot Rods.

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