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Brock's 1972 Ford F-100 Sport CUSTOM

1972 Ford F-100

Base 302/5.0L V8


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  • Color: Ford Blue
  • Horsepower: 300
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    1972 Ford F100 Sport Custom When I bought it I was told it had a 302 and a C-6. Drove it home pulled it into the garage and it puked trans fluid all over the garage floor. I backed it out and crawled under it to find the trans cooler line was sitting on the header, and the rest of the exhaust was held up with bailing wire. Further in depth inspections revealed jerry rigged wiring and carefully hidden rust repairs. It went from being a driving project to one thats since been parked in the garage and tinkered with as time and money will allow. BUT we've all been there. As for the previous owner....he wouldn't answer a phone call and when i tracked down an address he'd moved.

    Completed Modifications

    Future Plans

    I'd like to swap in either a crown vic front suspension or one of the bolt in kits from one of the suspension companies now supporting Fords. Trying to decide on an engine I kinda like the 302 but owned a big block powered 78 back in the day with a 429CJ. As for the truck itself it's in need of a full re-wire, rust repair. I'm thinking of building it like a race truck inspired build. Upgraded suspension, low, fat tires, roll cage. Similar to the PRO10 race truck build a guy did It's a chevy but I can dig it. A 72 F100 with and angry engine and nascar style boom tube exhaust to wake the neighbors.

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