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Innovaspeed's 1995 Ford F-150RR

1995 Ford F-150

XLT 351/5.8L V8


Build Points


  • Color: Red
  • Horsepower: 560
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    I inherited the truck bone stock from the original owner with 97,000 miles. After not receiving any decent offers the idea was suggested to build it for road racing. With further research I discovered the rapidly growing Pro Touring Truck segment and I had to do it. With basically zero aftermarket support available for these trucks to drop weight and gain proper suspension geometry I spent the next 18 months learning, building, learning more, and rebuilding the entire chassis based on stock frame rails. Now it has a completely custom built double wishbone front suspension with 14 front rotor/6 piston front brakes. Rear suspension started out as a 2015 Mustang GT Track Pack IRS. It was grafted into the rear of the frame and every single bushing and arm was replaced with billet arms and spherical bearings. The frame was fully boxed and an X-brace added causing it to become very rigid. It rides on custom valved Ridetech single adjustable coilovers. A splined sway bar was added to the front. Wheels are currently 18x10 Roush, but they will be changed soon. The factory engine block was completely worked over with a .020 overbore, forged rotating assembly, RHS ported aluminum heads, Hi ram intake and a 102mm Throttle body. The 351w is now a 408w producing between 520 and 560hp on 91oct depending on which map is loaded. With 3/4 tank of fuel it weighed in a 3633lbs without driver, 54/46% front-rear weight split, and within 1lb of perfect 50/50 cross weight with driver. While most of the interior was removed, the cab is coated with Lizard Skin and a Vintage Air GenIV air system was installed to make Arizona Summers bearable. This as build to compete at events like OUSCA, NMCA, and local SCCA or NASA events.

    Completed Modifications

    Cooling (5)
    Data Acquisition (11)
    Drivetrain/Transmission/Differential (1)
    Engine Management (ECU) (13)
    Engine Parts (5)
    Exhaust (1)
    Fuel System (18)
    Suspension/Steering/Chassis (2)

    Future Plans

    Move to 18x11 wheels with 315mm tires on all four corners and an LS coil conversion.

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