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1965 Ford Mustang

Base 289/4.7L V8


Build Points


  • Color: Black / Red racing stripes
  • Horsepower: 302
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    An (A) code 1965 Mustang, 289Ci that’s been balanced and blueprinted. Has an factory aluminum dual plane manifold, running a Mallory electronic ignition, Hedman headers, and a hand built by laying on your back exhaust system complete with slanted tips and an all aluminum radiator. The only reason I did this restoration was because of the factory 4 speed top loader transmission, because they didn’t make that many. My wife and I ordered a complete interior kit and redid the inside ourselves. The paint was laid down by Lonnies truck and paint in Medford Or. Paint used was strictly Ford colors, 2009 Shelby Black and 2010 Shelby Red for the stripes and then was clear coated So that you can’t feel the painted stripe lines. No vinyl stripe kit here, only paint!! The rear end according the the codes says it’s a 3:00 gear ratio, but it feels more like a 4:11 And tachs about 3k rpm @ 60 mph. The car gets with it 0-80 real fast, and pins you to the seat in a heartbeat. All riding on Bf Goodrich tires and 17 inch American racing wheels. Wish this had been a Fastback, but the next one I build will be one, (just happens I know where ones sitting in a garage). Thanks for looking at my car, Dennis

    Future Plans

    Possibly a 5 speed transmission, it needs another gear and a better radio. ( but I rather listen to the engine)

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