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1970 Chevrolet El Camino

SS 454/7.4L V8


Build Points


  • Color: met grey/ hugger orange stripes
  • Horsepower: 550
  • Drivetrain: RWD

Vehicle Overview

original ss 396 402) turbo 400 column , bought with no eng or trans, was painted red outside and orange peel was about 50 grit. lots of rust. frame off. built 454 to a 468, balanced, port match intake to heads, solid lift cam, rollers rockers, msd fuel inj, msd ignition, ceramic headers, ac, ps, ps brakes, with elect vacuum pump for brakes, factory air 6 sp with hyd clutch and 12 bolt pos with 4:10, emp rear adjustable suspension. undercoated, Flow master and elect cut-outs and chrome tips. All new rubber, emblems, interior with auto sound stereo and pioneer amp, tweeter in dash, mid range in box in front of console and 12' behind seat. extra sound deadener, spray bed liner, blue star with amber halo headlights

Future Plans

swapping rear gears for 4:56, with cam and running 65-70 only 1700 and cam surges. light grey window tint and have already changed wheels from pic posted. maybe bag it or do coil over

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