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V500SD Data Recorder

  • With sampling rates of up to 1000 frames per second, the V500SD series of data recorders allow you to monitor up to 71 channels of sensor information.
  • The included SD memory card allows you to transfer your vital sensor information to your laptop quickly, getting you back in the lanes without fumbling with cables.
  • The 71 total channels break down as follows: 56 V-Net; 4 Hard-wired Analog; 8 Hard-wired Digital; and 3 Internal Sensors (Battery Voltage, Accel/Decel G-Meter, and Lateral G-Meter)
  • The V500SD is commonly used in NHRA Pro Mod and Pro Stock, but can also be found on Dynometers, and Industrial equipment environments, where parts failures can cost series time and money.

Next Level Data Recording, in a Lightweight package!

  • In Stock
Harness Style
  • Custom 20 ft
  • Door Car - Battery
  • Dragster
Start Record Method
  • Engine RPM
  • Momentary Button
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    V500SD Overview

    V300SD/V500SD RPM Harness

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    The V500SD takes the capabilities of the V300SD to the next level. Allowing you to record up to 71 total channels of information. This information can be viewed in real-time on a PC monitor, or on an IQ3 or Ultra Dash (UDX) Display.