2017 GM Gas Coverage Added to the Superchips Lineup!


2017 GM Gas Coverage Added to the Superchips Lineup!


GM gas coverage for 2017 gas trucks and SUVs is here! Superchips is excited to offer the most innovative tuning and calibration solutions on the market for these GMC & Chevy vehicles. “Performance chips”, as they are often referred to, can quite frankly carry a negative undertone when people think of their warranties, especially on new vehicles. Here is where Superchips’ line of tuners and tire calibration tools shine. All products carry a 2-year powertrain warranty! You won’t find that offered anywhere else!

What sets Superchips apart from other options in the marketplace? It starts with quality. We know what it takes to deliver meaningful power backed by best-in-class customer service. Our team is also aware that oftentimes you’re looking to improve fuel economy, you’d like to see some better towing power, and you want to eliminate downshifting. Superchips tuning does just that. When you call us, you talk with someone. You don’t get the run-around. Questions are answered, features are delivered, and adding horsepower and torque have never been easier with Superchips. Today’s 2017 GM gas truck and SUV announcement is detailed below.

2017 GM Gas Release Details:

  • Coverage included on Flashpaq PN 2845
  • Coverage included on Flashcal for Truck PN 2545
  • Engine coverage: 4.3L, 5.3L, 6.0L, 6.2L
  • Transmission tuning coverage: 6 speed
  • 8-Speed Transmission tuning not available at this time

Key Features:

  • Flashpaq PN 2845 adds up to 40HP & 45 lb-ft TQ!
  • Rev & Speed limiter options PN 2845 & PN 2545
  • Tire size calibration adjustment 26″ – 38″ PN 2845 & PN 2545

Configure your 2017 GM or Chevy gas truck or SUV at the top of our page to look up the exact power levels and features available for your application.

Looking to add quick options and performance programming? Flashpaq is the ideal offering. Have you made tire/wheel upgrades, but you’re not quite ready to add tuning just yet? Superchips Flashcal for Truck is just what you need!

How do I tune my 2017 GMC/Chevy Truck/SUV using a Superchips Flashpaq?

  • Take the Flashpaq to the vehicle and turn the key to the on position without starting the engine.
  • Connect Flashpaq. Once it powers up, enter the menu, then select Performance Tuning and the level you wish to tune. **With the F5 Flashpaq just press “OK” on the tuning screen and the device will read the vehicle.**
  • A message will pop up instructing you to now go to the Ignition software for an update.
  • Please proceed to a Windows or Mac computer and run the Ignition update software.
  • Connect your device to the computer via the included USB cable and an update will be sent to the device.
  • Once the update is finished, please go back to the vehicle and continue to program the vehicle into your desired power level.


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