ACCEL Wire Guide 101

By: Sean B. | 07/17/2013 < Back to Motor Life Home
If you're looking under the hood of a race car, show car or someone's commuter, you can find a variety of ACCEL spark plug wires keeping the power juices flowing to each cylinder. Depending on what you're using your car for, you can find yourself wondering, "which spark plug wire is right for me?" We're here to help you understand the differences between the core, insulation, boots and attributes of each of our categories of spark plug wires.It may be more than you ever thought you would know about spark plug wires, but now you'll be an expert, or at least sound like one. Ceramic Boot Spark Plug Wire Ceramic boot spark plug wiresExtreme Heat Ceramic Boot 8mm Wires (9000 Series) We're proud to offer these top of the line plug wires with industry leading heat protection. ACCEL Extreme Heat Ceramic Boot wires are great for running headers with close tolerances or engine bays with less room. The ceramic boot on the spark plug end of the wire can withstand up to 2000° F. These wires also have double silicone construction on the wire itself, rated at 600° F. Inside the silicone is the most advanced Ferro-Spiral core technology, which provides the highest level of RFI/EMI suppression while still sending the power you need for your spark. For RVs and other large vehicles, there are no plug wires better than ACCEL ceramic booted 9000 Series. Pro 25 Race Wire Pro 25 Race WirePro 25 Race Wire 8.8mm Wires (250000 Series) One of the benefits of having racers work for your brand, besides always making it back from lunch on time, is their perspective when creating new products. When ACCEL made the Pro 25 Race Wires, they tapped their racer resources to engineer an incredibly durable wire with RFI suppression that allows maximum spark energy at only 25 ohms/ft. resistance. Double silicone construction protects the wires at temperatures eclipsing 600° F. The wire has an all Kevlar® stranded inner core covered by fiberglass braiding for maximum pull strength and terminal retention. All of this is protected by the extra thick double silicone which resists not only heat, but also petrochemicals, ozone and moisture. For high horsepower racing, these wires give you an edge on your competition. Browse our ACCEL Pro 25 Race Wire 300 plus wire 300+ 8.8mm Wires300+ Ferro-Spiral Core 8.8mm Wires (7000 Series) Our 300+ Ferro-Spiral core race wires are custom tailored for race engines and engine builders. They are oversized at 8.8mm with double silicone construction rated at 600° F, which also resists damage from petrochemicals, ozone and moisture better than other blended materials. The inner core is all Kevlar® for greater pull strength and terminal retention. Some sets feature ACCEL Pro-Sleeving with heat shrink tubing to provide even greater protection from heat, abrasion and flying debris. 5mm 300 plus wire 300+ 5mm Wires300+ Ferro-Spiral Core 5mm Wires (7500 Series) Here at ACCEL, we've made it possible to get the same performance of our 300+ technology in a smaller 5mm race wire. Not only can you hide the wires easily on a street rod for a custom look, but you can reduce weight on a race car where your competitors might not. With these smaller wires, you still get heat protection up to 550° F. 8.8mm spiral core 8.8mm Spiral Core WiresSpiral Core 8.8mm Wires (8800 Series) For a durable wire that helps suppress RFI using a carbon-graphite element to eliminate noise, you can choose ACCEL Spiral Core 8.8mm wires. The high gloss 550° F rated silicone jackets and extra-durable boots not only protect the wires, but also help eliminate electrical leakage. SuperStock spiral Superstock Spiral wiresSuperStock Spiral Core 7mm & 8mm Wires (5000 Series) ACCEL 5000 series SuperStock Spiral wires give you the same technology as our other spiral cores, for example, a 550° F heat rating and RFI suppression. This series has both 8mm and 7mm diameter wires and comes in several colors to match your engine compartment's style. Superstock Wires Superstock wiresSuperStock 8mm Wires (4000 Series) Upgrade from your OE ignition wire with the ACCEL SuperStock series. Available in several color options, these performance wires are heat rated to 450° F. The 4000 series wires provide the features of more expensive wires at a more affordable cost. Armor Shield Wire Armor Shield 8mmArmor Shield 8mm (8000 Series) The unique Armor Shield wire sets have metallic braided wires that match the look of your engine compartment. While looking great, these wires also resist heat up to 450° F and feature the same carbon/graphite core as some of our other wire sets. This series is great for a pro street look or on your show car. Now you have a basic understanding of the vast offering of spark plug wires from ACCEL. Decide what is the best fit for your project and then get yourself a universal or custom fit wire set wherever performance parts are sold.
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