Congratulations To William Foreman For Winning Holley's Fully Built LT1 Engine Sweepstakes!


Congratulations To William Foreman For Winning Holley's Fully Built LT1 Engine Sweepstakes!


How was your Christmas season? Did you get what you actually asked for this year, or are you up another pair of dress socks, a tie and several new gift certificates? For the winner of our Fully Built LT1 Engine Sweepstakes, Santa could've skipped him altogether and he would've been good with it. William Foreman was the name picked out from the many who entered, and he's the lucky one who is getting over 700 horsepower of Prestige Motorsports-built LT1 delivered to his house.

As he told us, "I have the mindset that if you don’t play, you can’t win. The day I entered the contest I remember perfectly. I was scrolling through Instagram on Prestige Motorsports' page, looking for ideas on how to paint my LS engine block for my '72 Nova. I came across their post about the sweepstakes and clicked the link in their bio. I told a few friends and sent the link to them so we all could have the chance. Little did I know I would get the call."

LT1 Sweeps Winner rear shot

"When a rep from Holley called me on December 13th, I was at work and I could not believe any of the info he was giving me. I was mind-blown and had a hard time wrapping my head around it. It took days for me to finally convince myself, 'hey man, you won!' but even now, it still feels like a dream. Just think, I got that lucky to get picked and the car I’m so passionate about gets a wild engine. What an amazing car guy Christmas it will be!

I plan on using the engine for my Nova. I’ve had the car for about six years and got it from my father. It’s been a long project of saving and working on it. Ups, downs, children and life in general. It started off with the typical SBC/TH350 combination when my father had it. I saved up for a RideTech coil-over kit, an LS swap, and a T-56 over the years. Now that this news has came to me, the Nova will be getting the LT. My main goal with the car has always been a great cruising car with some power. A Pro Touring type of vibe. I want to be able to turn the key and go, hit a few autocrosses and drag strip days and have it reliable enough to drive to LS Fest.

I’m still in shock with the news and can’t believe I got picked. The car of my dreams will be a road worthy warrior in the close future!"

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