First Time for Hurst Everything

By: Flowmaster | 06/14/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home

Florida to the northwestern-most corner of Washington state. More often than not, these gatherings of steel and smiling faces focus on a specific make, model, era or genre of vehicle, but next month an entirely new kind of show will take place.

The Hurst Nationals will take you back to the early days when George Hurst and his team performed engine, transmission, rearend and brake conversions, flaunt the legendary Hurst-branded OE collaboration cars, house unmistakable promo vehicles, remind you of Hurst Performance’s supercharged late-model modern muscle offerings and showcase the Hurst Elite Series vehicle packages available today. If that’s not enough to pique your interest, the purpose-built Hurst competition cars and specialty speed demons created by co-conspirators like Mr. Norm’s and GSS will be in attendance as well. We’re talking gentleman’s hot rods galore.

Tickets for the Hurst Nationals are available through Carlisle Events and also provide free access to the Chrysler Nationals held directly across the street all weekend long. Mark your calendars. We’ll see you in PA!

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 X  Roadkill Buick Sweepstakes