Holley Expands iNTECH Cold Air Intake Lineup To Include C6 Corvettes

By: Todd Veney | 06/28/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home
Holley is pleased to announce the expansion of its line of iNTECH Cold Air Intakes to include a new design developed specifically for 6.2L LS3-powered 2008-13 C6 Corvettes. Across a broad power curve, they deliver nearly 15 additional horsepower and more than 12 foot-pounds of extra torque at the rear wheels and feature a unique dual-filter "Hammerhead" intake tube for maximum air flow and velocity. iNTECH's latest design positions the filters closer to the intake vents, and the washable, reusable high-flow four-layer dry-air filter eliminates the need for filter oils that can damage MAF sensors and set off "check engine" lights. The air-filter media is constructed with an inner and outer aluminum mesh that prevents filter deformation and rust, and a filter cover is included to protect filters from debris and prevent heat from entering the intake and robbing power. A high-quality silicone Bellows-style coupler at the throttle-body connection allows the use of nitrous plates or throttle-body spacers without requiring you to cut or otherwise modify the tube. Factory mounting locations and emission controls make for a hassle-free installation, and the overall design is styled to match the rest of your engine compartment for a clean, stealthy appearance.​ 

See detailed product information for iNTECH C6 Corvette Cold Air Intakes.

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