Holley MoParty 2021: Winners And Results

10 min read

Holley MoParty 2021: Winners And Results

10 min read

Holley MoParty 2021 was a blast! The drag strip's staging lanes were filled to the brim with thumping Chrysler power, the show fields shone brightly with all of the colorful paint shades that Mopars are famous for, and autocross competitors tore around the course. The whole property was buzzing. Except for the burnout contest. Then, the buzzing turned into an all-out roar as competitors proceeded to burn their tires to the cords!

Thanks to everybody for coming out. We hope to see you again next year!

Trans Am/Mopar Connection Magazine GRAND CHAMPION

MoParty21 GCLM P1 - John Brown

Late Model:

  1. John Brown, 2016 Dodge Challenger
  2. Jerry Mathis, 2019 Dodge Challenger
  3. Anthony Prior, 1992 Dodge Spirit

Note: John Brown and Jerry Mathis wound up tied, with a score of 292 points each. In the event of a points tie, the fastest autocross time is the tie-breaker. Brown's 40.199 lap beat out Mathis's 44.219 lap.

MoParty21 Grand Champion Vintage: Kurt Chenoweth


  1. Kurt Chenoweth, 1970 Dodge Challenger
  2. Mitch Lelito, 1970 Dodge Challenger
  3. David Kruk, 1970 Dodge Coronet

MoParty21 Grand Champion Truck: Greg Huizenga


  1. Greg Huizenga, 1975 Jeep Cherokee
  2. Ryan Davis, 2000 Dodge Dakota
  3. Jams Phipps, 1988 Dodge D150

Click here to see the full USCA Results Page!

NOTE: We apologize that we weren’t able to get the Autocross and Grand Champion results out in the traditional way that our participants are used to. USCA has been working with us to develop a link housing all of our event results. We’ll be moving to this method of results sharing going forward. This is going to greatly reduce the amount of time it took us to get results up in the past and allows us to better service our participants. Thanks for your patience and we’ll see you at our next Holley event!

Hurst/Stacey David's Gearz AUTOCROSS

MoParty21 Autocross Champion: John Brown


  • John Brown, 2016 Dodge Challenger, 40.199

MoParty21 Autocross Second Place: Kurt Chenoweth

Second Place:

  • Kurt Chenoweth, 1970 Dodge Challenger, 40.233

MoParty21 Autocross Third Place: Nathan Doyle

Third Place:

  • Nathan Doyle, 1985 Dodge Omni GLH, 41.314

Diablosport/Mopar Action Magazine DRAG RACING

MoParty21 Drag Lead

Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, drag racing had to be called off on Sunday. This meant that many classes did not get to run to completion, and that in many cases, classes were still in the semi-final round. In the cases of a class that was not run to completion, we are listing the drivers that were in contention for the round that was to be run in no specific order.

Cam Motion True Street

  • Winner: Bob Martie
  • Runner-Up: Pavel Volokh
  • 10-second Winner: Tina Boggess
  • 11-second Winner: Dakota Goodin
  • 12-second Winner: Jackson Fletcher
  • 13-second Winner: Ken Mason
  • 14-second Winner: Don Fielder
  • 15-second Winner: Nathan Doyle

Hemi Super Stock

  • Joe Teuton
  • Marsha Marville
  • Scott Conley
  • Tim Wolff
  • Fred Burkhart
  • Cecil Horn

Hemi Outlaw

  • Winner: Larry Boyd
  • Runner-Up: Mark Kaiser

Torqstorm Rumble

  • David Hanke
  • Kevin Payne
  • Phillip Shaw
  • Mike Clifford
  • John Bell

MoParty21 Late Model

Street King

  • Donald Fuller
  • M. Goodwin,
  • Jeff Heuerman
  • Tony Miles
  • Craig Culley

Vintage Stock/Super Stock (1/8th mile)

  • Bob Akers
  • Mark Pode
  • Gerald Wright

Nostalgia Super Stock

  • Doug Duell
  • Matt Grove
  • Brent Wheeler
  • Greg Deaton
  • Jeff Frees

Mighty Mopars Pro (1/8th mile)

  • Todd Boone
  • Eric Paul
  • Rick Fuller
  • Patrick Thomas
  • Lonnie Simmons

Mighty Mopars Super Pro (1/8th mile)

  • Brian Walker
  • Terry Priest
  • Kevin Parsley
  • Cole Heilman
  • Austin Boone

MoParty21 Drag Charger

1320 Shootout

  • Jason Terry
  • Chris Ulanowicz
  • John Webb

Hellcat/Redeye/Demon Challenge

  • John Goventtio
  • Daniel Koehne
  • Bruce Phillips

Stick Shift Shootout

  • Winner: Chad Feyerabend
  • Runner-Up: James Reeves

Nitrous Oxide Systems DYNO CHALLENGE

MoParty21 Dyno Power Adder: Larry Rose

Power Adder:

  1. Larry Rose, 1970 Dodge Challenger. 426 "Hellaphant", supercharged, 901hp
  2. Bruce Philips, 2016 Dodge Charger. 6.2L Hellcat, supercharged, 814hp
  3. Greg Huizenga, 1975 Jeep Cherokee. 5.7L Hemi, turbocharged, 734hp

MoParty21 Dyno Naturally Aspirated: Garry Herda

Naturally Aspirated:

  1. Garry Herda, 2003 Dodge Viper. 8.3L Viper V-10, 438hp
  2. Josh Addison, 2017 Dodge Challenger. 6.4L Hemi, 431hp
  3. Carl Webber, 2020 Dodge Challenger, 6.4L Hemi, 418hp

Hooker BlackHeart/Mopar Collector's Guide Magazine SHOW-N-SHINE

MoParty21 car show 1

A-Body (1963-1976)

  • Angela Hames, 1969 Dodge Dart

B-Body (1962-1978)

  • J.D. Williams, 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird

E-Body (1970-1974)

  • Chet Biggers, 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda

FMJ Body (1976-1989)

  • Mark Cool, 1976 Plymouth Volaré

LX-Body (2005-Present)

  • Josh Clark, 2005 Dodge Magnum

Stock (Pre-1996)

  • Barry Ward, 1962 Plymouth Savoy

MoParty21 Car show 2

Modified (Pre-1996)

  • Dustin Smith, 1967 Dodge Dart

AMC (1954-1988)

  • Steven Geary, 1968 American Motors Rebel


  • Josh Dietrich, 1951 Dodge B-series Dually

Holley Pick

  • John Gaddy, 1969 Dodge Coronet

Best Of Show

  • Brent Kultgen, 1969 Dodge Super Bee A12

MoParty21 President's Pick: Mitch Lelito

President's Pick

  • Mitch Lelito, 1970 Dodge Challenger


MoParty21 Mullets Main Photo

Yes, we had a mullet contest at MoParty 2021! With Mopar Collector's Guide Editor Rob Wolf assisting with the judging, we picked out four winners based upon class: best real mullet, the "power added" class, or fake mullet, the kids' mullet class, and the "Trashiest Mullet". It's all in fun and it's all for the long, flowing locks hanging out back. When in the home of the Kentucky Waterfall, you might as well celebrate it, right?

MoParty21: Real Mullet - Robert Stiles

Real Mullet

  • Robert Stiles

MoParty21 Trashiest Mullet: Vance Straeter

Trashiest Mullet

  • Vance Straeter

MoParty21 Mullet Power Adder: Carrie Strange

Power Added

  • Carrie Strange

MoParty21 Kids Mullet - Kaedyn Beauvais

Kids' Mullet

  • Kaedyn Beauvais



  • Josh Dietrich's 1951 Dodge B-series Dually


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