Holley MoParty 2021: All Of The Coverage From Beech Bend

10 min read

Holley MoParty 2021: All Of The Coverage From Beech Bend

10 min read

The second showing for Holley’s MoParty has returned to Kentucky! After the success of the inaugural MoParty (a statement in itself, considering everything that happened in 2020), the Chrysler faithful are returning to Beech Bend Raceway for a three-day weekend of fun, racing, and the glorious sounds of Elephants, Demons, and Hellcats roaring. Make that four days, if you also took part in the action of ChallengerFest 12. “Speedy” Orrand and Dan VanHorn’s Modern Street Hemi Shootout racers got an extra day to get their racing in, and we’ve seen plenty of action already, with cars into the single-digit territory in the quarter-mile. But this isn’t just a Gen III Hemi affair…any Chrysler product is welcome onto the property, from an early Plymouth DeLuxe, to the Forward Look cars, to the legendary names like ‘Cuda, Super Bee and GTX, through today’s RedEyes and Trackhawks.

Over the next few days there will be a whole host of events, including a Dyno Challenge, an Australian-style burnout contest, and even a General Lee launch, complete with Roscoe’s cop car in hot pursuit, and that’s just a quick view of all of the extras that pair off with the autocross, the drag racing and the show fields! It’s going to be a fun time next to the river at Beech Bend, so be sure to stay tuned for all of the updates as they come in!

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Winners And Results

Here is the fully compiled list of results from MoParty 2021!

Trans Am/Mopar Connection Magazine GRAND CHAMPION

The Grand Champion competition of Holley MoParty 2021 saw the drivers compete in drag racing, autocross, and the 3S Challenge all weekend long.

Diablosport/Mopar Action Magazine DRAG RACING

Turbo IIs, Six Paks and Hemis...just a small slice of everything that took to Beech Bend's dragstrip. The legendary horsepower that Mopars old and new possess is right at home turning 1,320 feet of asphalt into a quick blur.

Hurst/Stacey David's Gearz AUTOCROSS

Who said that Chryslers couldn't corner? We had quite a few machines take on the Autocross course for a good workout!


Norm Kraus, better known to Mopar fans as the legendary "Mr. Norm" of Chicago's Grand Spaulding Dodge, passed on in early 2021. He had attended MoParty 2020 and loved interacting with his fans. We couldn't do any less than to let friend Larry Weiner and Norm Kraus, Jr. help pay tribute to a friend of any and every Mopar fan!

Hooker BlackHeart/Mopar Collector's Guide Magazine SHOW-N-SHINE

Mother Nature brought the rain. But the show-and-shine participants brought the rainbow of colors that Mopars are known for. High Impact colors really do brighten up the show fields!


Almost no introduction is needed for the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona and the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird. These wind-cheating NASCAR homologation specials stand as the wildest cars of the Musclecar Era.

Nitrous Oxide Systems DYNO CHALLENGE

Think you can run a number? The dyno was on the grounds, waiting for the next car to roll on, strap down and lay down a number.


When the sun goes down, the wild side of MoParty comes out. The burnout contest allowed competitors to let it all hang out in an Australian-style burnout pit!

The Dukes of Hazzard Stunt Show

Yes sir, that orange streak with the Dixie horn and the angry big-block screaming through the pipes is back! Jamey Smith's General Lee made a triumphant return to MoParty 2021, and this time with the cops in hot pursuit!

Rick Wahl's 1972 Dodge Colt

Here's a recipe: one super-short, super-light Dodge Colt and one V8 that's ready to fight. Rick Wahl's 1972 Colt, even in small-block form, proves that sometimes there is such a thing as overkill. If you think it's wild now, you should've seen it when it was Hemi-powered.

Tour MoParty 2021 With Mike Musto and Dylan McCool


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