Hooker BlackHeart Mustang Update

By: Blane Burnett | 04/20/2016 < Back to Motor Life Home
We’re in the homestretch of our Hooker BlackHeart Mustang Giveaway! In just under a month we’ll be announcing the lucky winner of this amazing car. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves we thought we’d take a few moments to share a few more additional products that have been added to the car to enhance its already well-rounded performance capabilities. The BlackHeart Mustang features a six-speed transmission and while it performs great out of the box, there are always ways to achieve a quicker shifting car. To that end, we looked to the folks at MGW Aftermarket Racing Shifters. Post install, the MT-82 short throw shifter greatly enhanced the feel of the shifter and reduced shift throws. The shifter features high-quality materials and beautiful workmanship, utilizing billet strut arms and a solid linkage rod. All in all, the MT-82 short throw shifter from MGW is a fitting piece that pairs well to the already amazing performance of Ford’s new Mustang design. To add a little power, we needed to help the engine inhale as well as it exhales through the Hooker BlackHeart exhaust system. Engines are more or less an air pump designed to do work. All things being equal, the more air you can get into and out of an engine, the more power it will make. Airaid stepped up to the plate with one of their MXP air intake systems. The kit features a one piece roto-molded airbox that features a smoother design than the restrictive factory air intake system. The air box houses a premium high flow filter designed to maximize power and efficiency. Now the Blackheart Mustang has the aggressive intake tone to go with the impressive sound of the BlackHeart exhaust, and a few more ponies under the hood. The BlackHeart Mustang GT is equally at home on the street or at the track thanks to its factory-installed Track Package. Those components, along with the additional power we’ve added with the aforementioned parts, meant it was time to add some additional grip. Before we could choose our rubber, we had to select a proper wheel. The crew at Forgeline have been engineering and manufacturing some of the finest American made forged wheels for racing and street use for over 20 years. The car is now wearing a staggered setup featuring Forgeline’s lightweight one piece AR1 model. The fronts spec out at 19’’ x 10’’ and wear sticky 275/35/ZR19 Michelin Pilot Super Sports while the rears are a massive 19’’ x 11’’ wrapped in 295/35/ZR19 rubber. Installed on the car, the new wheel and tire combo give the BlackHeart Mustang an even more intimidating presence. All these mods come together to round out an already impressively equipped car including Hooker’s BlackHeart headers and exhaust system, Eibach lowering springs, and Diablosport’s Trinity T1000 tuner. We’re looking forward to seeing this car enjoyed by its lucky winner. Will you be the one traveling to Holley to take delivery of the car and take it for a spin around the NCM Motorsports Park facility? You’ll have wait until May 16th, 2016 to find out! If you haven't entered yet, this is where you need to be!

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