Make Your Gen III Hemi Shine With Mr. Gasket Polished Valve Covers


Make Your Gen III Hemi Shine With Mr. Gasket Polished Valve Covers


Many aftermarket valvetrains for the Gen III Hemi engine require more clearance, which is easily resolved by swapping the plastic factory valve covers for a better alternative. If aesthetics is a goal, this is the perfect time to give the Hemi a more polished look.

It’s hard to beat that smile-inducing feeling of rolling up to an early morning cars and coffee meet or an afternoon car show. Especially when you expertly back into a parking spot in one sweep, set the brake, switch off the ignition, and pop the hood to reveal a gleaming, dressed-up Hemi Gen III engine. That feeling is best described as a mix of three words already defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: pride with a swirl of gratitude, and add a dash of exhilaration when you meet people who love your ride as much as you do.

Upgrading the valve covers is one of the quickest, easiest ways to dress up an engine, especially if you’re performing an engine swap or rebuild and have it on an engine stand. If you’re working out of the engine bay, you may have to remove the engine cover and/or air cleaner and disconnect electrical components, depending on the application. Still, easy-peasy.

The Mr. Gasket Mopar Gen III Hemi valve covers from Holley Performance are a popular, high-quality option while still being budget-friendly and achieving a taller height than the factory covers. The installation results revealed a tight, clean fit and instant gratification.

Mr. Gasket Gen III Hemi Valve Cover Composition

The Mr. Gasket Mopar Gen III Hemi valve covers are constructed of 6061 T5 sheet aluminum and precision TIG welded for a great fit.

To begin installation, one must disassemble the old coil packs. Remove the two 10mm bolts that hold each coil pack, then gently pull up on the coil. The boot will release off the spark plugs. The Mr. Gasket Mopar Gen III Hemi valve covers are designed to work with stock or aftermarket coils, so now would be a great time to upgrade to Holley’s Smart Coils.

Remove the bolts holding the valve covers. You might have to tap lightly on the side of the valve cover with a soft mallet to break the seal, then slowly lift them off the cylinder head.

The Mr. Gasket valve covers come with new hardware and seals, including valve cover gaskets and spark plug O-rings. Install the spark plug and valve cover seals by pushing each into their dedication groove.

Align the valve cover on the cylinder head and start the bolts and torque them down in a star pattern (per the factory torque spec.) Bolt the coil packs on, reinstall the electric connections, and then stand back and marvel in the new look.

Mr. Gasket Gen III Hemi Valve Cover Beauty Shot

Mr. Gasket's valve covers will work with both stock and aftermarket valve covers, such as Holley's Smart Coils.


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