Mr. Gasket HeadLock Header Bolts

By: Todd Veney | 02/01/2016 < Back to Motor Life Home
Ever burned your hands trying to get a header bolt started? Tired of your wrench slipping off hard-to-get-to bolts and lock washers falling to the floor, never to be seen again? Worried you might be losing performance because of power-robbing exhaust leaks? Mr. Gasket HeadLock header bolts make all that a thing of the past, taking the hassle out of header installation with self-locking bolts that eliminate the need for lock washers. They even come with their own combination hex-head/socket-head installation tool designed just for bolts with tight tolerances or at tough angles. Instead of rusting like ordinary header bolts, revolutionary HeadLock header bolts are made of Grade 8 stainless steel. Instead of loosening up over time, they grab and lock onto the flange, keeping them from ever backing out. Instead of requiring twice as many pieces to do the same job (a lock washer for every bolt), they feature 24 equally spaced serrations that make lock washers obsolete and a pre-applied high-temperature thread-lock patch that’s fused to the threads with heat. Engineered for secure, consistent clamp load every time, HeadLock header bolts effortlessly withstand tensile strengths of 150,000 pounds per square inch, and there's a set perfect for virtually any popular application. Got an LS engine? Part number 2235G is exactly what you need. Big Block Chevy, Chrysler Hemi, or Ford? Part number 2231G. Small Block Chevy, Chrysler, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, or AMC? Part number 2230G. How about a 1991 or newer Ford Modular engine or a Chrysler Hemi? Part number 2236G. So don't worry about vibration and the varying expansion rates of different metals as your engine goes through heat cycles loosening your header bolts. Forget about trying to keep the lock washer on the bolt as your reach deep into your engine bay and struggle to get one started. And never get burns on your hands again. Install a set of HeadLock header bolts, and all the old problems that have always plagued lesser carbon-steel header bolts will be gone forever.