MSD Direct Ignition System (DIS) Kits for Traditional V8 engines

By: Ray Frescas | 09/03/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Ignition performance - Its the key to getting the most horsepower AND reliability out of your engine. Modern engine designs have done away with the venerable distributor in favor of distributor-less ignition systems. To help bridge the gap, MSD’s Direct Ignition System adapts V8 engines designed to operate with a distributor to a Coil-Per-Plug system. MSD’s DIS conversion kit allows you to take advantage of the finer levels of ignition control helping you increase power output, improve consistency and reliability. By having a separate coil for each cylinder each coil has more time to recharge for a hotter spark and with the elimination of the distributor cap and rotor, spark energy loss is minimized and mechanical wear issues are eliminated.

Designed for 8 cylinder engines, MSD’s direct ignition system requires the use of a Dual Sync distributor instead of the original factory distributor. Real-time DIS configuration and tuning changes are a snap with the easy-to-use MSDView software. Drag racers will recognize the 2-Step Rev Limiter and Launch Retard features. With a forced induction engine, the built-in 2.5 bar map sensor and optional temperature sensor input can help you optimize your engine combination. Nitrous-fed engines can benefit from the Step Retard. Individual cylinder timing and fully programmable 2D and 3D timing maps are a click away. With a plug and play harness, MSD’s direct ignition takes the guesswork out of converting traditional distributor-type engines to a modern Coil-Per-Plug ignition system. Check out our prepackaged kits for Ford and Chevy applications. If a kit isn’t available, the DIS kit can be easily adapted to your engine with any MSD or Holley dual-sync distributor.

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