MSD Releases Powerful New Ignition Products

By: Todd Veney | 03/29/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of an array of new ignition products, including ignition controls and stock-appearing circle-track HEI distributors. MSD's 6CT Ignition Control is the most advanced ignition on the market today for circle-track applications. A large digital LED display makes it easy to see the rev-limiter setting, and rev-limiting, controlled via a microprocessor, is so smooth that chassis are virtually undisturbed when charging into turns. The built-in start retard is adjustable in 0, 10, or 20-degree increments for quick, easy starts and extend starter life, and the LED displays the rev limit, highest RPM turned, cylinder select, start retard, and battery voltage. Circle Track HEI Distributors have a classic stock appearance that conforms to sanctioning body rules and a bulletproof ignition module that fires a high-output coil in the cap. While stock in appearance, they are developed specifically for competition use and have a QPQ-coated chromoly advance cam and weight set riding on TIG-welded weight plate pins. They also feature a TIG-welded distributor shaft for brute strength and precision timing from a dead idle all the way up to maximum RPM.  For complete product details for 6CT Ignition Controls, click here. For Circle Track HEI Distributors, click here.

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