Plumbing a Surge Tank with Mechanical Fuel Injection

Author: Hilborn | 11/18/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

An electric automotive fuel pump (1) and filter (2) feed fuel from the main tank to the surge tank through a Holley float bowl (3). The surge tank must have a vent (4). Fuel is drawn from the surge tank by the injector pump (5), which delivers the main fuel feed to the barrel valve (8) through a high flow inline fuel filter (6) and shutoff valve (7). The barrel valve distributes fuel to the individual port nozzles (9). To regulate flow, the main jet (10) bleeds off fuel from the pump outlet back to the surge tank. Similarly, the low speed bypass (11) returns some fuel from the barrel valve in the first third of throttle travel. The high speed bypass (12) takes away more fuel from the pump outlet when engine rpm (fuel pressure) is high; usually set to open at 6500 rpm.

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