Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021: Day Seven - S.R.C.A. Dragstrip, Great Bend, Kansas

Author: Bryan McTaggart | Photographer: Cole Reynolds | 06/19/2021 < Back to Motor Life Home

If you map out, track-to-track, the basic path of Rocky Mountain Race Week, it's 1,030 miles. Truth be told, with the backroad cruising, out-of-the-way trips for parts or to help other racers, you can bet that the end result for most racers have quite a bit more on the clock than that. Day seven of Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021 brings the racers and crew back to S.R.C.A. Dragstrip in Great Bend, Kansas for one last race day. This is not the time to by shy...with final averages on the line, and the trailers waiting nearby, this is the time to let it all hang out and worry about the consequences later. And you had better believe that they did. Jeremy Ryand was deep in the transmission on his Ford F-150 in the hopes that he could pull a 9-second slip out of thin air. Aydan Bailey dipped into the low nine-second range in the "S***box of Doom" 1957 Chevrolet wagon, but the speed was too much for one of the heavy Chevy's hood pins to handle and vacated the program, leaving the right side of the bonnet trying to turn into a wing...luckily, the failure happened right after Aydan crossed the stripe and not mid-run.

And with that, Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021 concludes. The awards have been handed out, the teams are packing up and are on their way home...for now. Race Week 2.0 kicks off September 19, 2021 at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble, Oklahoma and will stop at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Texas, Tulsa Raceway Park in Oklahoma, and Mid America Dragway in Geuda Springs, Kansas before returning to Thunder Valley on September 23rd, 2021. Intrigued at the idea of driving your drag machine through the Rocky Mountains? Be sure to pay attention to the Rocky Mountain Race Week website for the announcement of the 2022 race dates!

Day 7 - S.R.C.A. Dragstrip, Great Bend, Kansas

ClassNameE.T. in
Great Bend (day 7)
RMRW Average
14.00-14.99Jerry Hall14.03214.0514
13.00-13.99Jack Fisher13.00713.0322
12.00-12.99Jon Perkins12.02312.0408
11.00-11.99Steve Tasca11.03511.0782
10.00-10.99Shawn Slaubaugh10.00310.0292
9.00-9.99Seth Slaubaugh9.1339.2560
N/A Small BlockMiles Groves10.62010.845
N/A Big BlockDavid Burke10.53210.758
Stick ShiftZach Yasko9.5019.9116
GasserRobert Lepenske9.3449.618
Ultimate RadialCleetus McFarland7.9558.1036
Hot RodCorey Thompson8.3958.2670
Rowdy Radial (1/8th Mile)Randy Cain5.4315.5118
Limited StreetDonovan Leeder8.5418.5624
Pro StreetTom McGilton7.4787.5212
Outlaw StreetDoug Cook7.8117.6870
UnlimitedRoyce Payton8.0138.1752
MotorcycleChris Baker9.3469.4876
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