SEMA Show 2022: Holley's Featured New Products


SEMA Show 2022: Holley's Featured New Products


The SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center is upon us once again! Holley is showing up with a bevy of new products from a wide variety of brands within the Holley family for 2022. From our award-winning Holley RetroBright line of LED lighting options, to our vintage-styled Halibrand wheels, to our exhaust and suspension components for the 2021-current Ford Bronco and just about everything in between, Holley and their family of brands strive to be the one-stop shop for all of your automotive aftermarket needs. Read on to see just a small selection of the new products that we are highlighting:

MSD 6A Ultra Ignition Boxes

MSD 6A Ultra Red

MSD's new Ultra 6A Series capacitive discharge ignition boxes offer the ignition power that you have come to expect from MSD, but in a new, compact design. A plug-and-play upgrade for the MSD 6A CD ignition box, the Ultra 6A offers consistently high spark energy (135mJ to 150mJ) for every firing, from idle to redline. Easily installed on 4, 6 and 8-cylinder engines with distributors, the Ultra 6A is protected against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and draws less current. Take back the space in your glovebox or your engine bay today!

ADS Racing Shocks 2021-Current Ford Bronco Front Coilover and Shock/Spring Packages

ADS Bronco at Ford Fest 2022

ADS Racing Shocks' attention has focused on the 2021-current Ford Bronco, and their new front and rear coilover shock/spring packages are designed to take the new off-roader beyond the already stock capabilities. 2.5" diameter extended travel coilovers front and rear maximize the available suspension travel while maintaining the factory suspension geometry, without over-extending the CV axles or the steering components. Out of the box, these coilovers offer 3-4 inches of lift on a standard Bronco and 2-3 inches of lift on Sasquatch package vehicles, but adjustable ride height collars allow fine-tuning of ride height, which can be adjusted to compensate for details like aftermarket bumpers, winches, etc. Each unit is vacuum bled and features full synthetic fluid, nearly eliminating fade and increasing product life and high-temperature seals prevent blow-out by increasing performance over a large temperature range. Threaded end caps eliminate contamination from outside sources. High-quality Eibach coil springs are vehicle-matched for load requirements, with configurations available for both the two-door and four-door models. True dual-rate springs on the rear offer a supple ride without harsh bottoming-out under aggressive driving.

Flowmaster Exhaust Systems for 2021-Current Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco Flowmaster Exhaust

Ford's Bronco has stormed onto the scene, complete with heritage-inspired styling and impressive off-road capability. Without question, one of the most likely modifications that owners of the new Bronco will want to make is to their exhaust systems for a bit of extra power, improved off-road capabilities, and of course, a meaner exhaust note. Flowmaster has several exhaust systems for the new Bronco, including the American Thunder, the FlowFX, and the Outlaw Series.

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Holley Gen III Hemi Mid-Mount Accessory Drive Systems

Gen III Hemi Mid-Mount Accessory Drive Kit

The Gen III Hemi is a highly attractive candidate for engine swaps for older muscle cars, trucks and anything else that could stand to benefit from a healthy dose of modern Mopar muscle. Holley has taken lessons from the development of the GM LS engine swap systems and applied it to the Gen III Hemi, resulting in an "bracketless" accessory drive package that keeps items tucked close to the engine for maximum clearance and retains everything, including the power steering pump and the air conditioning compressor.

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Holley RetroBright LED Lighting

Holley RetroBright SEMA 2022 Composite

Holley RetroBright's line of LED lighting products are designed to be a plug-and-play safety upgrade for your car, truck, or motorcycle. From the LED headlights that give classic vehicles modern light output without sacrificing the iconic appearance to LED bulbs that shine brighter than incandescent bulbs, Holley RetroBright is the most straightforward way to bring your machine into the 21st century. Headlights are available in three different colors (a 3,000 Kelvin "classic white" tone, a 5,700 Kelvin "modern white" tone, and an European yellow tint) in both round and square applications. The replacement bulbs are available for many common sizes found in marker lights, tail lights and corner marker lights, and can be had in red and amber tones as well as soft and bright white tones.

Holley RetroBright is also the recipient of the National Street Rod Association's 2022 New Safety Related Product Of The Year award.

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Hooker Small-Block Chevrolet Cast Iron Exhaust Manifolds

Hooker Small-Block Chevrolet Exhaust Manifolds

Commonly, the restrictive OE exhaust manifolds would be the first items to be removed, in favor of tubular headers. While there are many reasons for making that move, Hooker's line of cast-iron exhaust manifolds for the Small-Block Chevrolet engine series are designed to perform far above factory manifolds, while keeping exhaust packaging nice and tidy. They are designed to work with many of the available heads for SBC engines and offer greater resistance to oxidation and cracking. Hooker's Small-Block Chevrolet Exhaust Manifolds are offered in five finishes: natural cast, cast-iron gray ceramic, black ceramic, silver ceramic, and titanium ceramic. For builds under 550 horsepower that don't necessarily need tubular headers, like a weekend cruiser, these manifolds might be the answer you are looking for.

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Drake Muscle Cars Steering Wheels for S550 Mustang

Drake Muscle Cars Mustang Steering Wheel Installed

Drake Muscle Cars is now offering up steering wheels for the S550 (2015-current) Ford Mustang, in both Alcantara-wrapped and Carbon-Fiber with Leather grips. For the average, everyday driver, something like the feel of the steering wheel won’t matter too much. But for real enthusiasts, it means everything. These steering wheels are designed to give you a confidence-inspiring and comfortable grip for your hands. Models are available in both styles that allow you to keep your factory heated steering wheel function. There is no downtime without your car, no shipping out your steering wheel, and no core fees. Just swap, install and enjoy!

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Halibrand C10 Sprint

Holley has stepped up their presence in the aftermarket wheel world with names such as Legendary Wheels, Rocket Racing Wheels, Halibrand and others. Whether you are looking for classic hot-rod styling, something a bit more modern, or a new set of shoes for your truck, Holley is your source for wheels. Check out just a sample of the wheels we have:

Halibrand Sprint

The classic mag wheel is back! For classic enthusiasts, the Halibrand 15-inch Sprint brings back that classic tough slot-mag appearance, in widths from 4.5-inch to 10-inch. For 1973-1987 GM truck fans, the Halibrand C10 Sprint comes in two flavors: the standard center cap (pictured above) and the C10 Sprint with Spinner, emulating that classic Halibrand center-pin mounting system. Sprints are available fully polished, in Anthracite, and in "Mag7" bronze.

Rocket Racing Wheels "Attack"

Rocket Racing Wheels' "Attack" series are strong, lightweight performance wheels that come in at a fraction of the cost of forged wheels. These wheels are made via dual-direction production...the cast center of the wheel can be moved within a wide range of offsets within the spun forged outer barrel. "Attack" wheels feature generous clearance for performance brake systems as well.

Carroll Shelby Wheels CS3

Carroll Shelby Wheels' CS3 emulate the Mustang Performance Pack 2 wheel and are available in three finishes (chrome powder, Gunmetal and Black). Designed to fit 2005-up Ford Mustang, CS3 wheels are available in 20x9.5 and 20x11 sizes.

Finspeed EVO

Finspeed EVO wheels are designed using Finspeed's knowledge gained from years of building custom forged wheels into their line of stocked wheels for Chevrolet Corvette (C6, C7 and C8), McLaren (570 series, 600LT, 720S and 765LT) and Porsche 911 (991/992, including GT3RS). These wheels are engineered to ensure that they perform perfectly on your specific vehicle, with considerations like corner loads, downforce, fitment, brake clearance and other factors taken into account. The end result is the best performing wheel for your vehicle.

APR Direct Replacement Turbocharger Systems

APR Direct Turbocharger Replacement Systems

APR Direct Replacement Turbocharger (DTR) Systems are complete upgrade packages that replace your factory turbocharger with a much more capable turbo. The turbo itself is a brand new unit built designed by APR to drop into place and connect with your factory components. We pair each system with our ECU upgrade, which provides a simple way to make more power without breaking the bank. Available for the Volkswagen EA888.3 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder.

Classic Instruments 1973-1979 Ford Truck Direct Fit Gauge Sets

Classic Instruments 1973-1979 Ford Truck Direct Fit Gauge Sets

Classic Instruments' Direct Fit Gauge Sets are available for the 1973-1979 Ford F-Series ("dentside") pickup trucks, 1978 and 1979 Ford Bronco, and 1975-1991 Ford E-series vans. The clusters are available in both back background/white lettering and white background/black lettering and feature an all-electric system that is composed of a 140 MPH (or 200 K/PH) speedometer, fuel, oil pressure, temperature and volt gauges; green turn signal indicators, blue high-beam indicator, and two red warning lights. The LED lighting offers the feel of the original perimeter lighting and the visual benefits of back-lighting and can be dimmed. The fuel gauge is programmable for any ohm range with a selector switch on the back of the cluster, which will work with any sending unit, including the stock Ford sending unit. The speedometer can be calibrated with a push of a button. Mounting hardware is included to install with the original bezel and lens.

Detroit Speed's SpeedMAX and QUADRALink for 1967-1972 GM Truck

Detroit Speed SpeedMAX and Quadralink for 1967-1972 GM Truck

Detroit Speed's SpeedMAX front suspension system and QUADRAlink rear suspension kits for the 1967-1972 GM 2WD half-ton trucks are designed to bring modern handling characteristics to your classic pickup. The SpeedMAX front suspension systems are a 100% bolt-in suspension system that utilize a "Detroit-Tuned" GMT800 (1999-2006 GM Truck) rack and pinion steering system and GMT800 hub pack wheel bearings that are dual-drilled for both 5x5-inch or 5x4.75-inch bolt patterns. Run GMT800-style brakes (or a modern performance offering for those trucks). The SpeedMAX kit is designed with Detroit Speed's exclusive suspension geometry for superior handling and ride quality at a lowered ride height.

QUADRALink systems convert your trailing arm rear suspension into a four-link system with an adjustable track bar that provides precise and effective rear axle location during hard cornering. QUADRALink is available in either bolt-on or weld-in configurations and are height-adjustable, so you can set the perfect stance up for your truck.

Both SpeedMAX and QUADRALink are available with non-adjustable, single-adjustable, or dual-adjustable shock absorbers.

Edge Evolution CTS3 for 2019-Current Ram

Edge CTS3 2019-up Ram

Edge's Evolution CTS3 for the 2019-up Ram pickup (DT) continues coverage for Ram's ever-popular pickup truck line, including the wild 6.2L Hellcat-powered TRX. The combination of the Evolution CTS3 and the required PCM unlock provides gains of up to 33 horsepower and 37 ft-lbs of torque, as well as sharper throttle response. Vehicle parameter monitoring, data logging capability, performance testing metrics, the ability to read and clear DTC codes, and many more options are at your fingertips via the full-color touchscreen display. Once your unlocked PCM is installed into the truck, all you have to do is plug the Evolution CTS3 into the OBDII port and you are on your way.

Holley Sniper EFI HyperSpark Ready-To-Run Distributors

Sniper EFI Hyperspark Timing Control

To maximize the potential of your Holley Sniper EFI conversion, adding timing control through the ECU of your Sniper EFI system is possible with the use of Holley Sniper EFI's HyperSpark Ready-To-Run Distributors. While Sniper EFI has always had timing control capabilities, the HyperSpark distributors allow the use of a standard distributor/coil configuration instead of a CD ignition box, such as a HyperSpark CDI or MSD 6A. The distributor features a high-output inductive ignition module as well as the Hall-Effect Trigger signal that is required to control ignition timing. Pair with the HyperSpark Coil or a classic canister-style coil for a more factory-correct appearance. Installation is a breeze with Holley's patented clear phasing cap that aligns the rotor with the distributor housing while setting the correct crankshaft reference angle and identifying the location of the #1 cylinder spark plug wire. Once installed, just update the firmware in your Sniper system, then select "Ready-to-Run HyperSpark Distributor" from the appropriate drop-down menu.

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Holley GM Gen-V LT Ultra Lo-Ram Intake Manifold Kits

Holley GM Gen V LT Ultra Lo-Ram Intake

Holley's Gen-V LT Ultra Lo-Ram Intake Manifold Kits are only 0.97-inch taller than a factory LT1 intake manifold, but are engineered for forced induction applications (either supercharged or turbocharged) with peak power coming in at 7,000-8,000 RPM, depending on the application. The Gen-V LT Ultra Lo-Ram intake can fit under a C7 Corvette cowl and hood with no modifications necessary. The modular design and front entry plenum flange allows design and fabrication of special throttle body adapters or inlet air ducts for custom installations. The 105mm diameter throttle body opening accepts GM four-bolt LS/LT drive-by-wire or Holley LS/LT throttle bodies. They are available for OE direct fuel injection only or with added port fuel injection provisions, which provide high-volume fuel rails with 3/4-16 O-ring ports (-8AN) and mounting hardware. Ultra Lo-Ram kits with burst panels are available, with the billet burst panel duct (part numbers 300-608 clear anodized, 300-608BK black anodized) offered separately. Ultra Lo-Ram intakes are offered in as-cast aluminum and in a black powder-coated finish.


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