The Supercharger Project Part III: Controlling Your Igniiton

By: Sean B. | 10/07/2011 < Back to Motor Life Home
Parts 1 and 2 of the Supercharger Project gave your supercharged engine a distributor with the right fit and the performance products to push more fuel through your system. In part 3 we provide you with the power to take control over your ignition settings. The digital Mallory Hyfire VI (6) Series #685 capacitive discharge box gives you a variety of options to customize your ignition setup. These options can be extremely beneficial in supercharged applications. Boost Proportional Retard Attach a Mallory #716 2 bar MAP sensor with a #29785 MAP sensor harness to your #685 box. A MAP, or Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor can read the added PSI brought into your engine from your blower. This allows you to set a boost proportional retard on your box to retard the timing per PSI of boost. 2 Stage Rev Limiting Be confident taking your powered up supercharger out to the strip with a 2 step rev limiter included in the Hyfire 6. Your rev limiter is important to protect your engine from being hurt from excessive rpm. Set one rev limiter to hold on your start, for example at 3500 rpm, to prevent your engine from getting blown at the line. Your second rev limiter can kick in at take-off at a max rpm in case you miss a shift or break a driveline. Built-in RPM Window Switch Another feature included in the Hyfire 6 series #685 box is a built-in rpm window switch. This allows you to input settings to kick in at a threshold rpm and shut-off at the max point of the rpm window. Added Benefits A start retard feature allows you to retard the timing when cranking below 500 rpm, making sure your high powered engine gets reliable starting. Push button controls and a digital display on the face of the box allow for easy modification to your settings. Supercharger FYI Consider a few things with regards to a supercharger. The bigger the blower you install, the more horsepower you can achieve, but you will also need to consume more fuel and you'll need an engine that can withstand that kind of power. Excessive rpm can lead to damaged connecting rods, shafts and cylinders. For your spark plugs, you'll want the plug to burn at a chocolate brown color for best results. If your plugs are burning white, the spark is too hot so you'll either need to add more fuel or open up the gap of the plugs.
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