Tony Angelo Gives His Project Cars The Right Bark With Exhaust From Flowmaster And Hooker BlackHeart!

Author: Bryan McTaggart | 03/11/2021 < Back to Motor Life Home

If you do not know who Tony Angelo is, let us introduce you to him. Chances are good that you've seen him as one of the hosts of the Motor Trend network, primarily as a lead co-host of Hot Rod Garage with Lucky Costa, as well as guest appearances on other shows on the network, like Roadkill and the infamous Christmas special that saw him beating the stuffing out of a built Hummer drift truck. The guy has zero fear behind the wheel of any car he's trusted with and he knows where the limits are, and knows how to dance just over the line of those limits. But his time in the shop is equally as important, and recently Tony kicked off a new YouTube channel called "Stay Tuned", which will showcase...well, probably whatever he wants to do. A car is involved and he will either wrench on it or go have fun with it.

Two projects that he's been working on lately are a 1968 Dodge Dart for a friend, which is rocking a rowdy 5.9 Magnum engine and a street-machine vibe that's straight from the 1970s. It's many things...but it's loud. Loud enough that "nobody called the cops, they just heard the car fire up and showed up to investigate" kind of loud. The kind of loud that doesn't fly once you leave the race track's gate. How do you temper down that kind of noise without sounding civil? That's where a set of Flowmaster Pro Series mufflers (13016101) come in handy...they're loud enough to keep the Dart's character intact, but there's a better chance that the cops won't drop their donuts just to hunt down what's making the racket.

Street Machine Dodge Dart project FIRST FIRE UP AFTER 10 YEARS! Tony Angelo Stay Tuned Episode 1

Then there's Tony's Porsche. Would you trust any Porsche from the 1990s that you could buy for $5,000? Well...he did, in the form of a 1999 996 convertible that he bought from a known acquaintance after the car had been sitting long enough to be a dirt magnet. He got the car running again, he replaced the fragged transaxle and the just-about-useless shifter, and a lot of other small gremlin fixes that needed to happen after years of camping out in a Brooklyn parking garage. He's finally got the Porsche to where it is a happy driver, and he's recently given the Porsche the exhaust tone it deserves with a Hooker BlackHeart Cat-Back Exhaust Kit (BH8319), which puts a little bit of bass into the 996's voice.

Performance Exhaust upgrade on my dirt cheap Porsche 911!!! SOUNDS KILLER!

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