Top Sportsman Racer Tommy Turner Uses Holley EFI

By: Dan S | 05/06/2014 < Back to Motor Life Home

Top Sportsman Racer Tommy Turner stopped by Holley Performance in Bowling Green, Kentucky on their way to the NHRA Division Two race in Atlanta, Georgia. The powerplant in Turner's race car is a 904 cubic inch Steve Schmidt engine that is operated via a Holley Dominator EFI system. According to Turner during a recent dyno run at Steve Schmidt Engines, the naturally aspirated big-block made over 1700 horsepower on the first pull. 

Holley Dominator EFI systems are designed for use in everything from street to unlimited racing applications. Racers like Turner use the Dominator EFI system because it offers the most capabilities to control engine functions, either normally aspirated, or on turbo, nitrous, and even supercharged applications.

Turner and his team stopped by Holley and made some final adjustments to the Holley Dominator EFI system. 

The race car uses a Steve Schmidt 904 cubic inch engine that makes more than 1700 horsepower. 

The Dominator EFI operates both throttle bodies, and 12 fuel injectors. It also provides data and allows for unlimited tuning capabilities.

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