We Just Gave Away David Freiburger's '66 Buick!

10 min read

We Just Gave Away David Freiburger's '66 Buick!

10 min read

A few months ago, Holley purchased David Freiburger’s ’66 Buick special, the car that kicked off the popular Roadkill series, with the intent of raffling it off to one lucky gearhead. That sweepstakes just crossed the finish line and Minnesota resident, Travon Dannenberg, is the man holding the keys.

“I was pretty surprised,” said Dannenberg. “I got a voicemail and my phone wrote the text out super goofy because of all the car words. I listened to it and thought, 'wow, I wonder if I actually won.’”

Wonder turned to elation quickly when the return call from Holley signified a Buick in Dannenberg’s near future.

Want to Learn More About the Buick? Click HERE!

“I’m a pretty big Road Kill fan,” said Dannenberg. “I’ve been watching it since the beginning. That was the show that sort of inspired everyone to go get some crappy cars,” he laughs.

While not a muscle car guy (yet) in the traditional sense, this isn’t Dannenberg’s first experience with V8 power. An avid fan of drifting, he’s already swapped multiple LS engines in place of his Nissan 240SX’s factory 4 cylinder–and driven the oil pan off more than a few!

As for plans for the Roadkill Buick, Dannenberg plans to follow the Roadkill creed to a tee.

“I’m gonna try and daily drive it and just have fun cruising it with friends,” said Dannenberg.

"I think I want to put a top on it right away but I don’t want to mess with it too much or ruin the historic part of it.”

Congratulations again to Dannenberg for nabbing a piece of automotive history. Holley has plenty more sweepstakes planned for the year so make sure to check them all out and enter for your chance to win!

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