Week to Wicked '72 Camaro Comes to Life With Holley EFI!

By: Todd Veney | 04/26/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
Super Chevy's latest Week to Wicked project is a '72 Camaro that had already been started by somebody else but eventually abandoned. There was nothing wrong with the body or the vintage Hugger Orange paint, but the powertrain needed help – lots of help. Instead of trying to make something workable of the powerplant it came with, the gang from Super Chevy went with a 515-horse Chevrolet Performance LS3 they had lying around and gave it a whole new life with a host of Holley products. After ditching the existing rubber and devoting the day first of their seven-day timetable to tubbing out the car, they dove into the engine compartment. The first order of business was installing a complete Holley Terminator Stealth EFI system, which, like all Stealth systems, maintains the traditional look of a carburetor but has all the many benefits of electronic fuel injection. Instead of an old-school double-pumper carb, the 2nd Gen Camaro is fed by an easy-to-install, virtually maintenance-free carburetor replacement that self-tunes while you drive, works with all of today's fuels, and features user-friendly plug-and-play harnesses with minimal connections. Holley Terminator Stealth is available in three unique finishes – Polished, Classic Gold, and Hard Core Gray. (They chose Classic Gold.) Before a drop of gas ever makes its way into the engine, it starts in a powdercoated Holley EFI fuel tank with a 255 LPH in-tank pump. It's routed through Earl's Pro Lite hose, which features a soft outer braiding and is a PTFE inner core that won't soak through over time. Earl's high-quality fittings are used throughout the system, which includes an innovative Holley one-piece filter/regulator that's preset to precisely 59.5 PSI. A single-plane Holley intake manifold transfers the air/fuel charge to the cylinder heads, and a Holley Vintage Series air cleaner hides all the power underneath. The process is complete when spent exhaust gasses make their way out of the combustion chamber smoothly and efficiently through a set of Hooker LS swap headers. If you're at Holley LS Fest West at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (and you definitely won't want to miss what's sure to be an epic event!) the reborn muscle car will be there in all its wicked glory.

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