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    • Electronics are integrated with the fuel rails
    • No PC necessary, self-learning technology eases the initial setup
    • Improves the aesthetics of the engine bay - NO ECU to mount
    • Supports up to 1,000 horsepower
    • Kits available for most popular LS engine swaps
    • Recognizes 24- or 58-tooth crank trigger wheels
    • Supports boost and nitrous
    • Adjustable temperature outputs to activate two cooling fans
    • Advance or retard the ignition timing up to 10°
    • Select a rev limit through fuel or ignition cut-off
    • Compatible with OE Variable Valve Timing (VVT) cam control

    Do-It-Yourself Electronic Fuel Injection for your LS


    1. Fuel Rails - The foundation for the integrated fuel/electronic rails is a CNC machined aluminum fuel rail assembly. The inside diameter of the rails is equivalent to a -8AN line to provide plenty of fuel to feed engines up to 1000 horsepower. This includes engines with nitrous or forced induction as well.
    2. Fuel/ECU Rails - The heart of the electronics are hidden in plain sight! The Atomic LS reduces wiring by integrating the Electronic Control Unit within the fuel rails! Advanced electronic control assemblies are mounted on each assembly and communicate through MSD’s proprietary, patent-pending CANBus technology.
    3. Injectors - There are several Atomic LS fuel/ECU rails available, depending on your application. Each model is designed to operate with a specific engine/intake manifold such as an LQ9 truck intake, an LS2 or an LS7 platform. Whichever model you have, the Atomic LS will make EFI installation a simple task that you can perform in the garage.
    4. Crank Sensor Connector - The crank sensor circuit of the Atomic LS will recognize whether your engine is a 24-tooth or 58-tooth trigger wheel so there is one less programming step for you! Other steps are taken care of when you select the actual engine configuration being used.
    5. Connectors - Having the ECU built into the fuel rails cuts down on miles of wiring. Each bank of the Atomic LS has only the connectors needed on each side of the engine. For instance, the coolant temperature connector is always on the driver’s bank while the crankshaft position sensor is always on the passenger side. All sensors are wired with factory connectors to ease installation concerns.

    Clean Installation - Less Wiring - No PC Required!

    The GM LS-based engine has been embraced by hot rodders, muscle car fans and racers alike. The lightweight and compact engine produces plenty of power and fits easily in many engine compartments. However, trying to retrofit the factory EFI system into a street rod or muscle car creates a number of challenges from wiring to programming. Intimidating electronics and bulky wiring harnesses can quickly clutter the engine compartment and hurt the aesthetics of any hot rod. The massive factory ECU is not only a hassle to mount, but the sheer amount of wiring that goes along with it is simply overwhelming. MSD’s Atomic LS EFI systems are designed to eliminate the intimidation and clutter when installing aftermarket EFI on an LS engine. By integrating the ECU onto the fuel rails MSD has eliminated the bulky ECU and tangled mess of a wiring harness. The self-tuning technology of the Atomic system allows the average do-it-yourself hot rodder to easily wrap up an LS engine transplant. Initial setup is a breeze with the supplied handheld monitor and by simply answering a few car guy questions during the initial setup, your Atomic LS’d project will be ready to drive.


    • Integrated fuel rails and ECU
    • Patent pending wireless technology reduces wire
    • Supports boost and nitrous
    • Automatically recognizes 24 or 58 crank trigger wheels
    • Self-learning - no laptop required

    Don’t fret about programming your Atomic EFI system as everything can be set right from the supplied Handheld Monitor. From the main menu you simply select from a few target settings, values and what engine you’re working with. No PC, no software and no experience necessary.

    Tech & Support

    The Atomic LS EFI system is a completely unique design that puts the EFI electronics right onto the fuel rails. This concept reduces the sheer amount of wiring required to control an LS engine. Each smart rail has the wiring and connectors required for each bank which saves time and effort when it comes to installation.

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