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    Types of Header Gaskets


    • Manufactured from high temperature acrylic blend exhaust material
    • Provides excellent sealing and durability
    • Can be trimmed if necessary for modified port applications
    • For OE replacement, high performance street, drag race and oval track


    • Manufactured from high temperature steel core/graphite faced exhaust material
    • Expanded steel core provides stability and maximum torque retention to eliminate gasket failure
    • Graphite facing provides excellent heat resistance and thermal conductivity to transfer heat away from the cylinder head
    • Conforms to and seals minor surface irregularities, high recovery material allows header or manifold flange to stay sealed if flange loses correct clamp load
    • Can be trimmed if necessary for modified port applications
    • For OE replacement, high performance street, drag race and oval track


    • Manufactured from “Dead Soft” (solid) .043˝ thick copper material.
    • .051˝ embossment around each exhaust port to seal irregular surfaces. Total gasket thickness .094˝.
    • Provides excellent sealing and durability.
    • Conforms to and seals minor surface irregularities.
    • For high performance street, drag race, oval track and turbocharged (extreme heat) applications.


    • Reusable header, exhaust manifold and collector flange gaskets.
    • Manufactured from “Dead Soft” aluminum layers – .125˝ thick.
    • Conforms easily to surface irregularities (warped flanges).
    • Compresses down to .060˝ to create a tight leak-proof seal.
    • Will not shrink, deteriorate, or blow out, eliminating gasket leaks.
    • For high performance street, drag race and oval track use.

    MLS (Multi-Layered Steel)

    • Multi-Layered Steel (MLS) exhaust and header collector gaskets are designed for extreme cylinder pressures produced by high horsepower, high compression turbocharged, supercharged and nitrous oxide injected engines.
    • Manufactured from three stainless steel layers, they resist corrosion, will not burn through or push out and maintain maximum fastener torque retention.
    • Stress formed inner and outer layer embossments act like springs that rebound under exhaust flange clamp load, creating force to seal extreme exhaust pressures. Total gasket thickness .075˝.
    • Will not deteriorate from scrubbing action caused by different expansion rates in aluminum and steel materials.

    Hooker Super Comp

    • This OEM quality gasket is .060
    • The substrate combined with a perforated aluminum core provides superior grip and adhesion.
    • This construction also contributes to exact fit compliance between the cylinder head and header flange,offering superior sealing properties during extreme temperature and operating conditions.


    A unique feature on many of our exhaust gasket applications is the slotted end holes. They allow you to easily slide the gasket between the cylinder head and header flange after the end bolts have been started. An alternate method on gaskets without the slotted end holes is to use starter studs or Ultra-Seal header studs to temporarily hold the gasket in place. Slide the header flange onto the studs and, if using starter studs, replace with the proper type of header bolts.

    CAUTION: Use care not to overtighten headers as this can warp the flanges causing an exhaust leak. It does not matter which side of the exhaust gasket is placed against the cylinder head or header flange.

    NOTE: No gasket sealer is needed with the installation of Mr. Gasket Performance, Ultra-Seal, CopperSeal, Layered Aluminum or MLS Embossed exhaust gaskets.

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    Header Gaskets

    Choose from multi-layer steel (MLS), aluminum, copper, Ultra-Seal®, and other material options. We have gaskets for multiple engines and brands, old and new. Including LS, LT, Coyotes, Hemis, Nissan, Honda and Buick to name a few.