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If you're searching for a leader in reliable, quality restoration of classic muscle car carburetors, then look no farther than the Holley Custom Shop. This specialty service transforms tired, worn-out O.E.M. muscle carbs back to their original condition. And because this is a "custom" service, each order is personally followed through from start to finish by one of the factory technicians. Engineering parts lists are uncompromisingly followed to the letter. In some remote cases where an O.E. part may no longer exist, an O.E. "equivalent" is used in its place. You can be assured that your carburetor will remain in good hands. Even before any work begins, two or three close-up photos are taken of each carb from different angles so that it can be easily identified at any time during its stay at the Custom Shop. Many more precautions as well are taken to ensure your order stays together. Here are some other important reasons why the Custom Shop's restoration process stands out in customer satisfaction: Inspection of carbs for metal fatigue, slightly-stripped threads, hair-line cracks and worn-out throttle lever bushings. Cadmium Chromating of steel parts (clips, fasteners, linkages, etc.) for O.E. looks and corrosion protection. Chemical and vibratory cleaning of all carburetor castings. Testing of subassemblies-chokes, vacuum secondaries, float bowls, metering blocks-to verify performance before final assembly takes place. Replacement of gaskets, diaphragms, power valves and needle/seat assemblies. Flow-stand testing of all carburetors to confirm correct metering of air/fuel volumes. NOTE: Prices are based on rebuildable cores (no damaged castings, stripped threads or missing parts.) Damaged or missing parts will be repaired or replaced and a charge will be added based on replacement value. Contact the Custom Shop for specific price information.


Dichromating restores stripped-down carburetor parts to their factory-original appearance. This is the exact gold/brown finish which appeared on many standard and performance models over the years. Upon arrival at the Custom Shop, carburetor castings are immediately entered into a unique tracking system that all but eliminates the chance of a part becoming lost or being returned to the wrong customer. In fact, parts are also photographed to avoid any look-alike problems. After going through a series of extensive cleanings, each casting sports a smooth, even dichromate coating that is indistinguishable from a new carb in every respect, including color. The Custom Shop services Holley models only, both two and four-barrel units. All work performed by the Custom Shop is covered under a limited warranty and is guaranteed to live up to its expectations. Like color powder coating, plating does not interfere with the original design of a part. In fact, it helps by providing extra protection against damage, thus extending the lifetime of the part. Whichever plating you choose, it's sure to be a hit.

How To Order

When sending in parts for service, you are required to obtain a Custom Shop tracking number from Technical Service by calling (270)781-9741 before shipping in your package. This Number must be clearly marked on the shipping label and on a minimum of two sides of the box. Please carefully pack all pieces to help prevent any in-transit damage. Also, use a reliable shipping company that offers insurance protection against loss. For a current price list of all Custom Shop services fill out the form below or write to us at: Holley Custom Speed Shop 1801 Russellville Rd. Bowling Green, KY 42101-7360 For pricing or service options, you may also call between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST), Monday thru Friday at (270)781-9741. Or, visit the Holley race trailer at most NHRA tracks and other national competition or motorsports events.

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